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The Flow Decree 2011

The flow decree of 2011 establishes the number of foreigners who can get the Residence Permit for employment and the number of conversions allowed (for study, seasonal work, etc..).

In Flow Decree 2010/2011 Decreto Flussi 2010-2011 are established  entry quotas by nationality.
We recommend that you view the models to be  filled out online to request the Nulla Osta (the clearance), in the  section “Forms"
Modulistica.  Applications can be completed by January 17 and must be sent on the "click day." 

Come fare domanda How to apply 

You can make a request to obtain the permission directly from the website of the Ministry of the Interior, through an online process procedura online. Any person may submit a maximum of five questions. If you prefer you can submit the request through associations associazioni di categoria. The reference time for submission is the one given here qui..

Chi può fare domanda Those who can apply

For the 2011 Decree flows are allowed a maximum of 98,080 requests divided as follows:

52,080 for non-EU workers in any field of work (including domestic). This quota is reserved for workers coming from Albania, AlgeriaBangladesh, Egypt, Philippines, Ghana, MoroccoMoldova, Nigeria, Pakistan, Senegal, SomaliaSriLankaTunisia, India, Peru, Niger, Gambia. Applications must be mailed Monday, January 31, 2011, at 8:00 am.

30,000 reserved to the hiring of domestic workers and assistants for personal care. The quota is reserved to foreigners from countries not listed above. Applications must be sent Wednesday, February 2, 2011, 8:00 am.

16,000 for applications for conversion of a residence permit, or to request special admission, divided in these proportions:

3,000 for the conversion request for a residence permit for study permit for employment (here the procedure
qui la procedura)

for applications for conversion of a residence permit to study in work permit

3,000 for the conversion request of a residence permit into a permit for practical training and employment.

4,000 for the conversion of a residence permit for seasonal work into a permit for employment.

1,000 for the conversion of a residence permit for EC long-term residents, issued by another State, into a permit for employment in Italy.

500 for the conversion of a residence permit EC long-term, issued by another Member State, into a residence permit for self-employment in Italy.

4,000  reserved for entry request in Italy for non-EU citizens who have completed a program of training and education abroad.

500 for third-degree descendants of Italian citizens resident in ArgentinaUruguay and Brazil.
These applications must be mailed on Thursday, February 3, 2011, 8:00 am. 

I requisiti The requirements

These are the requirements to request the nulla osta for the recruitment of workers:

Accommodation: The employer must provide housing and then, once granted authorization, shall specify the basis on which the grants accommodation (free loan, rent, etc.).

Those who want hire a domestic worker or a personal care assistant must demonstrate a sufficient minimum income for assumption.
This income is calculated after tax and must be at least double the amount of annual salary allocated to the foreign worker, including contributions. To calculate the minimum income it’s possible to add up the incomes of families living with those applying to hire a foreign domestic worker.
If the taking is for the assistance of a not self-sufficient person it must provide details of the person requiring care and attach the certification of illness or disability. In this case there is no need to prove a minimum income of the employer.
Companies that wish to hire foreign workers must demonstrate financial capacity, indicating the turnover of last year. If the business is newly established, and there is no income tax reference, you can specify the turnover reached up to the moment of the practice (the so called “bilancino”).
The working hours can not be expected less than 20 hours per week. When completing the online application does not need to attach any documents. Subsequently, if the application falls within the established quotas you must submit the one-stop shop submitting all documentation:

Compilare Online fill in Online

For filing online is necessary to have on hand:

Business name of the enterprise;
Serial number of the  'company released by INPS;
Data of the legal representative;
The identity card of the employer (or passport or equivalent document, if non-EU citizen);
The residence permit (if the employer is non-EU citizen);
Certification of  registration at the anagrafe office (if the employer is Community);
the identity card and social security number of the non self-sufficient person to assist;
Address of where is placed the employment relationship;
Address of the accommodation of the worker;
the CUD or the last tax return (or the balance of business);
A revenue stamp of the value of 14, 62 euros.

Dopo la domanda After the application

The quotas available are generally lower than the requests for the taking.
Applications are considered in order of arrival, for this reason it is necessary send your application in a timely manner, starting from the first minute of the time indicated above.

Applications are reviewed by the Prefetture and the Direzione Provinciale del Lavoro (Provincial Department of Labor) verifies validity of contractual terms contained in the application. The local Questura, however, performs checks on possible irregularities in the residence of the worker or any
criminal proceedings against the employer.
The Prefecture may request the employer  some additional documentation, if deemed not unclear or insufficient information in the application.
At the end of the investigation (40 days according to the Testo Unico, but more than a year in practice) the
Sportello Unico for Immigration issues, or refuses, the nulla osta for recruitment and alerts the Italian Embassy in the country of residence of the worker.
The permission is given to the employer, who must then deliver it to the employee.
Or, if required in the application, the Prefettura transmits the Nulla Osta to the Italian Embassy in the country of residence of the employee and then he must withdraw his entry visa at the embassy.
The Nulla Osta for assumption is valid for six months. If needed an extension it must request for it to the to the Prefettura that issued it.
If the worker to be recruited is already in Italy, but his condition is not regular, process  of flows decree acts as a mechanism for regularization.
If the employer gets the Nulla Osta for employment, the employee must return in their country of residence to pick up a foreign visa for work.
You can not recruit, nor apply for a residence permit for work, staying in Italy, but you need to return home and apply for a visa in your homecountry.
The output from the Italian territory can affect the process of "regularization". It is therefore
avoid being reported  when exit from Italy.


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