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The Resident Permit

The Residence Permit is a document that non-EU foreigners are obliged to have in order to freely reside in Italy for a period exceeding three monts. It usually lasts one or two years, depending on the reason for which the foreigner is in Italy.

To regularize your status of immigrant is not enough to find a job; in fact you must be among the lucky ones that each year is included in entry quotas provided by the Ministry of the Interior.

That entry quotas are established each year in November and they are allotted by regions and provinces - see  immigration quotas decree Decreto Flussi 2010/2011. However, Art. 27 of law TU 286/1988 provides for the admission above entry quotas for foreigners who come to Italy to practice determined categories of work, either self-employment than subordinate employment.

It’s'important to emphasize that, according to the TU 286/1988 and the legislation, in Italy Residence Permission is strictly linked to income. (Excluding humanitarian protection, asylum, exploitation and unaccompanied minors).

Anyway, those who do not have a sufficient income,  who lose their jobs, who do not study and don’t play any type of activity are allowed to rely on their partner – cohabitant’s Residence Permit. But in this case the income for two people that must be demonstrated is higher. Otherwise they have the opportunity to apply for a permit for six months, waiting for employment, but in order not to become irregular, they must find a job within their permit expires.

In addition, in 2011 entered into force the accordo integrazione that introduced the residence permit based on a scoring system,  wich requires knowledge of the Italian language at least at A2 level.

WARNING: When you’ll hand your completed kit   to the post office , you will be given a receipt which you’ll need to withdraw the residence permit. Then you can use the receipt to enroll on Registry  Office and on the Health Service. Upon receipt are printed two personal identification codes (user ID and password) that you can use to know the status of your practice, by connecting to the internet portal for immigrants portaleimmigrazione.


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