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Conversion of the Study Permit

Foreign citizens holders of a residence permit for study or training may, on the occasion of the decreto flussi, ask to the Immigration Office for the conversion of their permit for study into a one for work.

Once checked the annual immigration quotas
quote, is possible to apply for conversion simply the entering into the website of the Ministry of the Interior and downloading  on your computer the SUI programme: procedure procedura 

Fill in the
Va model, to convert the permit for study into a one for employment

Fill in the Z model, to convert the permit for study into a one for self-employment

After receiving the application, the Prefettura will convene the applicant at its offices. The requirements are the same required for permits which you are already holder.

In two cases is allowed to leave the request for conversion out of the annual immigration quotas (which are not renewed since 2007) and apply for it any time:

1. When a foreign citizen, legally residing in Italy, comes of age;
2. When a foreign citizen in Italy achieves a diploma or a degree.

Citizens that have come of age in Italy, or who have graduated in an Italian University,  may require a residence contract (in order to increase the  limit of 20 hours a weekly of work allowed by the permit for study) by filling in the
V2 model.

Otherwise they can apply to convert their permits into a license for self-employment by filling in the Z2 model.


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