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Italian language courses

Before choosing a course to follow is important to understand what we need and what can gives us the course.

The Region of Sardinia offers the opportunity to learn Italian through three different instruments:

  • Corsi di alfabetizzazione Italiana (courses of Italian literacy),
  • Centri Territoriali Permanenti C.P.T. (Permanent local centers),
  • Corsi di di Italiano - L2 (courses of italian at L2 level).

Corsi di alfabetizzazione Italiana:

Courses of italian literacy are an excellent solution for those who, just arrived in Italy, needs to know the basics of Italian grammar and key words. Entries are accepted also during the course started and everyone can access it.

These courses don’t grant any title with legal value.

Centri Territoriale Permanenti (CTP):

Permanent Territorial Centres (CTP)

All Italian citizens and foreigners can apply to the activities of the Permanent Territorial Centres (CTP), regardless of the qualifications in their possession.

The Centre provides a first phase of "welcome", in order to know and understand the needs of members. Following there is a period of "training agreement" between the Centre and the individual user, which is called a course of study tailored to achieve the objectives, criteria for evaluating the results and the duration in hours of the work.

The training courses can be completed with the issuance of certificates of attendance, certificates of competence or qualifications with legal value.

Teaching of Italian  at L2 level:

The Italian courses at L2 level are intended for foreigners who already know the basics of Italian language and want to improve their skills. The courses are limited and are usually you can access it by participating in a selection.

They released the "Certificazione di idoneità linguistica” which is required for the Permit for Long-term Residents.


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