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Health care on the Sardinian territory

Medical care is provided by the ASL (local health), through clinics, hospitals and offices located throughout the Sardinia.

To know the health services offered in your city of residence you have to know which ASL district  belongs your municipality.

The links below lead back to the web pages of ASL in Sardinia, where you can find the list of municipalities served by all eight ASL.


Associazione Piccoli Progetti Possibili ONLUS

Via Pio Piras N. 8 - 09036  Guspini (VS) Sardegna

Telefono 070 / 970529  -  Fax 070 / 970052

Registro del Volontariato RAS n.1888 del 23/04/2009 - Cod. Fisc. 91016940925