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Family Reunion

The Family reunification permits a foreigner regularly resident, to arrive in Italy children or dependent parents who lives abroad and obtain for them a residence permit for family reasons.

The family reunion may be requested for:
not legally separated adulte spouse
unmarried minor children (including the spouse’ childrens or those born out of wedlock), provided that the other parent, when existing, has given his/her consent
dependent adult children with established total disability (100%)
dependent parents provided that they haven’t other children in their country of origin or legal resident spouse
Parents with more than sixty years provided that they have no form of family support at home, or if the other children, for serious health reasons, can not take care of them, and there is no legally resident spouse
Parents of unaccompanied minor holder of a refugee status

The reunion may be requested by the owner of the listed types of permit:
EC residence permit long-term

Residence permit with a duration not less than one year issued for:
Self-employed or employed
• Study
Religious Reasons
Political asylum or subsidiary protection
Family Reasons
Wait for Citizenship

You must submit your application electronically, by connecting to the Ministry of the Interior’s website, through this program:
Inoltro telematico delle domande 

Territorial prefectures prefetture territoriali (in Sardinia there is no one-stop counter) will receive the request and after consulting the Questura they issue the nulla osta certificate ( a certificate of no impediment), which is valid for 180 days. By this time you must make the request for a residence permit for family reasons.

If you have difficulty in using the computer or software to submit an application, we recommend contacting the local charitable associations participating in the national protocol and that can forward these files. The service is free, but in some cases, they can ask you to associate as members.

In this link you can find a list of regional charitable associations Patronati e Associazioni di Categoria .

To apply you should bring your own data and those of the person that you forward the demand for reunification.
Here is the list of modules to compile:

Modello S . : to obtain the Nulla Osta for family reunification.

to obtain by the relevant municipal offices a housing suitability certificate
idoneità alloggio , attesting that the accommodation meets the health and hygiene requirements, you must pay attention to these things:

If you are a guest of third parties and you make the request for a child under 14, your host have to complete the modello  S1.

If you are not the holder of a lease your host have to fill in the
modello S2 in which he declare his consent to the guest’s family reunification.

modello S3 have be filled by your employer, who must declare the existence and relevance of employment.

Modello T must be filled in in order to request clearance for entry of family members.

Modello T1 must be filled in for the consent of the landlord to accommodate the child.

Modello T2 is required to give consent to host rejoined.  

To get the Nulla Osta to the reunion you must provide the required information to the Immigration Office of the Prefettura and demonstrate to have requirement of residence, income and housing.
The relative abroad, however, will have to produce documentation attesting the degree of
kinship and, in case, certification of disability. Then he/she will must deliver documents toItalian Embassy in the foreign country.

pay attention: The pacchetto sicurezza prohibits the right to reunification in case of polygamy.

The income requirement requisito del reddito establishes the minimum level of income in relation to the amount fixed annually by the inps to determine the amount of social allowance. This requirement is never required to the holders of a refugee status.

To achieve the income needed you can add any income of family living. Often the website of the Ministry of the Interior indicates different minimum wages. You should always refer to the social security income for the year in which the request is made. 

Must be noted that, although the income is a parameter that is taken into account, it is non-binding. Lately, in fact, jurisprudence begun to put the right to family unity before to the income of the applicant.

If you are employed, in order to certify your income you must:

attach the income statement

ask your employer to fill in the form modulo S3 

Attach a photocopy of the employment contract

Attach a photocopy of the last paycheck (or a certified  photocopy of the payroll and the alleged payment - the so-called “bilancino”.  If you work less than a year these documents must be completed by your employer).

You must deliver the required documents in duplicate.

If you are a domestic worker you must attach:

a copy of the latest payment slip paid to INPS,

the income statement or the communication of employment if you work less than a year. You can request it at the employment office or to INPS.

After obtaining the nulla osta, within 180 days the family abroad must apply for a visa at the Italian embassy of the foreign state. Then, within 8 days of arrival in Italy they will begin the procedure for a residence permit for family reasons. 


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