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Request of Asylum

The Geneva Convention of 1951 provides for the granting of international protection status if certain conditions are satisfied:

The decreto Legislativo n. 251 defines different types of international protection:

  • the status of refugee, granted to foreign citizens who, for the well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, political opinion or because member of a particular social group, is outside the territory of the country of his nationality and  is
    unable or unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country (because of this fear). 

  • the status of stateless person; granted to those who are outside the territory in which he had previously habitual residence, for the same reasons of a political refugee, and is unable or
    unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country (because of this fear). 

  • has the right to subsidiary protection the foreigner who does not qualify for recognition as a refugee or stateless person but against whom there are reasonable grounds for believing that, if returned to his country of origin or those in which he had previously habitual residence, would face a real risk of suffering serious harm, and is unable or unwilling to avail himself of the protection of that country (because of this fear). 

Legislative Decree No. 25 decreto legislativo n.25 regulates the procedures for access to international protection.
You must apply for asylum at the first entrance into Italy, to the border police or to the Questura.

The Dublin Convention provides that a national of a third country that wishes apply for asylum, must make application for protection in the first country of the 'Schengen area in which he passed.

At the time of the request to the police, you must provide certain statements, to show any documentation and complete the form c3.

The C3 form is used to choose to be heard by a Territorial Commission, to obtain the recognition of international protection. If you decide not to do the interview with the commission, your application will be evaluated only on the basis of what you said at the police station.

Once completed the model to the police station, after about two months you will be called at the Territorial Committee. the Commission responsible for regional Sardinia is located in Lazio, in Rome. The commission will submit to an interview with an interpreter, and you can talk about your situation before arriving in Italy, you can give information on how the trip took place to arrive and declare how long are you in Italy.

In order to obtain protection, is very important to bring before the Committee any evidence that could prove the truth of the facts that you told. May be useful, for example, to present a report in your own mother tongue and another translated and signed by you. 
Of course, who walks away from his country because it was persecuted brings little or nothing with him, but could be very useful to be send documents from family members left behind, like any certificates of kinship and also expert medical and psychiatric, as evidence of torture.

To obtain international protection guaranteed by the Geneva Convention, it is important to demonstrate the real danger to which you would face returning to your country.
So to demonstrate the real danger and the lack of respect for human rights is useful to supplement your relationship with those that are published each year by NGOs such as Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, etc.. And it’s very important to be able to supplement the documentation with reports, declarations and statements  of the people with whom you come in contact in Italy (psychologists, educators, mediators, etc..).

In theory, the response of the Territorial Commission should arrive within a month, but in practice it may take up to 70 days.
once you get the notification, if the request has been accepted you will be summoned to the Questura  and you will be issued a permit for refugee or humanitarian protection.

During the period waiting for refugee status is not allowed to work. The Italian State, however, provides two means of reception for asylum seekers:

  1. 1)
  1. 2)

You can not access the service SPRAR independently but you have to be addressed by the reception desk or by the local autorithies.

The program lasts 6 months and you can use them only once.

If accepted, you’ll sign a contract with the host institution providing the service in which you declare to comply with program rules. During this period you must follow a course of Italian language and you'll be offered a work placement. A mediator will follow you in building the practice to request asylum. You will also receive a small pocket money (3 to 5 euros per day), a good to spend on clothing and a weekly ticket for public transport.


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